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   Ever find yourself suffering with events withdrawal. It usually happens a few days after an uparmored event, and you begin to miss the camaraderie, or perhaps you’ve been deep in the books, or just finished watching Kingdom of Heaven or Arn the Knight Templar. You have a need to take up a habit and go out and do great things with sword and shield.


   Well fret no longer, for on this page you’ll find a listing of a variety of gaming platforms/approached to sate that need to bear the Cross and fight on the frontiers of the civilized medieval to renaissance world. (You can find more reviews, mods, amd other tools by Google search using the titles)



by Gary Gygax - A set of miniature rules for use on table top.

Cry Havoc

A traditional board game with hexagonal map and multiple, full color playing pieces.

Crusader Rex

A block game that behaves much like traditional board games. It centers on the Third Crusade.

Stronghold Crusader

A PC based game that behaves much like the old Age of Empires (which by the way included Teutonic Knights)

Medieval Total War II Crusades and Teutonic Campaigns

& 1143 Reconquista mod 

A PC game that centers on larger tactical and strategic battles in both theaters of operation.

Mount & Blade Warband with both “Sands of Faith”

and “Hispania 1200” mods

First person hack/slash action that rivals anything you might find on platforms. A lot of cool interaction and options in each

Our friends over at REAL CRUSADES HISTORY have provided a comprehensive list on some additional Tactical and Strategic level board games that are sure to include the Military Orders.

Crusader Tactical Board games


Acre (Art of Siege) (1978)



Acre: The Third Crusade Opens (2012)



Ancient Battles Deluxe (2008)

[Hattin, Arsuf]



Arsuf: Lionheart vs. Saladin (2012)



Crusades II (1994)

[Hab, Hattin, Nicopolis, Tannenberg]



Crusades Quad (1992)

[Battles: Antioch, Ascalon, Acre, and Arsuf]



Infidel (2011)

[Dorylaeum, Antioch, Ascalon, Harran, Montgisard, Arsuf]



Swords and Crusades (Epées et croisades) (2008)

[Dorylaeum and Ascalon]



Crusader Strategic Board games


Kingdom of Heaven: The Crusader States 1097-1291 (2012)

[All of the Crusades]





Saladin: Fall of the Crusader States (2008)

[Age of Saladin & Third Crusade]



Onward Christian Soldiers (2006)

[First, Second and Third Crusades]



The Crusades (Strategy and Tactics §70) (1978)

[First and Third Crusades]



The First Crusade (Strategy and Tactics §299) (2016)

[First Crusade, Solitaire]



Croisades (Vae Victis §17) (1997)

[Age of Saladin and Third Crusade]

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