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Welcome to Beausant Brotherhood giveaway! We are pleased to annouce the partneship between Beausant Brotherhood and ARX Publishing  for this fantastic event! You can be the lucky winner  of  the excellent book Angels in Iron, a historical novel by Nicholas C. Prata.


About  Angels in Iron:


The novel Angels in Iron is a based on a true story about the Siege of Malta which took place in 1565. Nicholas C. Prata poignantly portrays the unparalleled heroism displayed by the Hospitallers during the true events of the battle.


In 1523, the Turks overpower Rhodes. The vanquished, known as the Knights of the Hospital of St. John, or more simply  as The Hospitallers, flee the island. If given the command, a dashing young knight named Jean Parisot de Valette would have stood the onslaught and defended the island.


After 42 years, the Turkish army of Suleiman strikes again and the Hospitallers face the same crisis at the besieged fortress at Malta, a war against Christendom. The circumstances, however, are different this time as assisted by his fellow knights, de Valette bravely puts up a fierce fight against the invading Turks. Along with his compatriots he sacrifices his life to defend the Cross from the Koran, a bitter battle between faith and despair.


The rules to win this fantastic book are as follows:

Comment below with your name or nickname.

Go visit Arx Publishing webite, and take a look around. Come back here and tell us in a comment what your favorite item/items. ( 1 point). That's it! but for extra entries, you can:

a - Share this page or post about this giveaway on your blog, in a forum, or on facebook (+5)

b- Like ARX Publishing on Facebook  (+15)


c- Buy an item from ARX Publishing (+20).

Make sure to comment below and let me know if you do any of these things and include the link or nickname.

We use to pick the winner.

Here  is how it works:


Imagine a gievaway with only 2 participants: "Joe' and "Tony".

"Joe" has three entries: In "Comments", Joe informed us the name of his favorite book  (1 point), he posted on his facebook a note about the giveaway (5 points) and bought a book (20 points). Total: 26 points. The  numbers 1 thru 26 belong to Joe. 

"Tony" has 2 entries: He informed us the name of his favorite book  (1 point) and posted on facebook  about the giveway (5 points). Total: 6 points.  Tony will have the numbers 27,28,29,30,31 and 32

The number in will be 1 thru 32.  The number ramdonly selected was 14.  Joe is the lucky winner. 


Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK!!!

Giveaway ends  Jul / 15th / 2016 at midnight CST

More Good News: : ARX Publishing company has graciously provided a discount code on ANY book we purchase from them. Type the promo code at checkout and enjoy it!

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